Asleep in the stars


Today Quirk Gallery hosted the opening reception of three new exhibits, the last show in their current space.

The shop show featured artist Carissa Potter Carlson’s “Echoes of Touch”. It featured several prints with watercolor brush lettering that expressed romantic sentiments and comments on what it is to be intimate with someone.

In the main gallery was Sarah Hand’s “Asleep in the Stars”, a fun exhibit of colorful and cheery characters that seem to belong in a children’s book, all made of paper mache. She says she was inspired by the idea that we all might meet each other in our dreams.

Aren’t they so cute! I just love all of her little characters!

The vault show featured gorgeous works by the artist Michael-Birch Pierce. The show was called “All That’s Left Unspoken” and was framed works with fibers and sequins meticulously hand-stitched. They were just amazing.

The light shining on it made it absolutely magical.

The exhibits will be up and the works will be available for purchase until June 27.


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