The UnBound4 Gala


This past Saturday Candela Books + Gallery hosted a fundraising gala. The tickets were $40 and the proceeds are going towards building the Candela Collection. UnBound4! is Candela’s annual invitational and juried exhibition. It is featuring 50 artists, ranging from newcomers to established national and international artists.


$40 is kind of a chunk of money for me right now, but I really wanted to support one of my favorite local galleries.

When I arrived, I headed straight for the food. There were deviled eggs, pimento cheese spread, crackers, lil’ sandwiches, smoked meat, pickles, ect. I was happy.


After stuffing my face, I made my way over to the first bar I saw. They were selling Moscow Mules for $4. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I think I’m just not a big vodka person. Also I was kind of miffed when I realized there was another bar further in with FREE wine and beer. At least it was for a good cause…*grumble, grumble*.

They were also selling insults which I found funny. It’s a cute idea, but who is actually going to drop $5 for a yo’ momma joke?

In the back alley they were frying up some chicken and I said hello to Terry Brown, whose photography studio is in Candela Books. I had interviewed her previously for The Commonwealth Times for a story we were doing on Beard Wars an exhibition The Valentine Museum was doing in collaboration with Terry Brown and the RVA Beard League.

I decided to float along and check out the art. I mean, that’s what it was all for! The cool thing about most of the photography that Candela Books exhibits is that most of the photos have been manipulated in really interesting ways. Like that Heliopolis show they had in May that featured satellite photos of neighborhoods that were manipulated to look like entirely new landscapes.


There was a live band playing, the Richmanian Ramblers. They are a group of musicians that play traditional Romanian and Ukrainian songs. I absolutely loved it! The singer had chords like an opera singer and she was playing the accordian. It was very fun just sitting and listening to them.


Also! Something that really got me excited and giddy was that people from Bijou Film Center were screening Nosferatu! I really love silent films, and had a good conversation with the guy representing Bijou Film Center about how awesome they are. I watched it a little bit, but then I realized they had brought Red Eye Cookies out and my attention shifted.


Overall, a rewarding event! I was happy to support the Richmond art scene.

Candela Books + Gallery’s website:

Terry Brown’s website:

My article on Beard Wars

My article featuring Heliopolis

The Richmanian Ramblers’ page:

Bijou Film Center’s site:


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