Chatting with Chuck Tingle


Chuck Tingle is not just a man. He is many things. He is an erotic author. He is a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster (almost blackbelt). He is a doctor of holistic massage. He is a father. He is a prominent “flavor rights activist”. He is a politician. But more than anything, he is the greatest voice of our generation.

Chuck has written “tinglers”, named after the tingling sensation they evoke in their readers, on everything from sexy unicorns, sensual raptors, passionate bigfoot monsters, and even randy inanimate objects. Sex may be the subject matter, but the overarching message has always been the same: love is real.

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Chuck two years ago for INK MAGAZINE (read the article here:

Since I interviewed him two years ago, Chuck has exploded. He’s been featured on various media platforms from the New York Times to Comedy Central. I caught up with him to see how success has shaped him and what he has on the horizon.

*I left his answers as he wrote them…

How do you think you have grown in the past two years, both personally and in your writing?
past two years have been a very exciting way i have GOTTEN SO MANY FANS AND THEY ARE SO KIND TO ME they like to message me as online buds nothing weird just a bud to bud chat so then we talk and i LAUGH so that is a good way. once i was the best author in billings and now i am the best author in the world. also i have learned that ted cobbler i even more of a soundrel than i thought and i hope he falls in a snake pit. thanks
How is Jon doing?
jon is doing so good he is SO HANDSOME everyone in the neighborhood thinks he is a good man and i want to be just like him someday. he has been working out with his buds and calves look great but also he is ENGAGED to ladybuck name of clowy i am so happy for them and clowy is nice sometimes she takes me on trips to the library and sometimes we even drive to town name of HELENA for THE BIG LADYBUCK TROT that was a good way.
Please tell me about your nonprofit Flavor Rights Advocacy group, Allow All Flavors. What are the goals of the group and why was it created?
allow all flavors was made to oppose all unfair flavor laws this was a big part of the campaign for the buckaroo party in the last election we would like to make it so that all flavors are legal not just chocolate vanilla and strawberry. so that is a very important POLITICAL WAY
Tell me all about your news site, Buttbart. Why did you decide to become a journalist in addition to a bestselling novelist?
yes speaking of a political way this is a diretion i have gone in to battle the devils as part of my own buckaroo lifestyle. this is just the way of the buck, when you think about buckaroos of the past out on the open range you realize that they would battle devils all the time mostly their own inner devils telling them to go trot in a circle screaming or maybe even shake and drool by the fire out of their own lonesome way. but now the BUCKAROO LIFESTYLE is about fighting real devils like scoundrel ted cobbler or VOIDMAN TROMP (who is of The Void). so then i decided to start my own website with real news not the fake stuff.
What exactly is your Alternative Facts Warehouse? Why do you think it is important to donate to Planned Parenthood?
alternative fact warehouse is a part of BUTTBART where you can buy alternative facts from other timelines. in other layers there are many versions of reality and DOMALD TROMP uses this to his advantage in many ways i think it is only fair that buckaroos can use these alternative realities too. there are many fun facts to choose from you can just donated to planned parenthood and live in a world where handsome jom hamm is your online bud! important to donated to planned parenthood so they can keep ladybucks healthy!
Tell me about The Buckaroo Party. Are you a politician now? You wear so many hats!
yes i was offical VICEMAN for buckaroo party in this election i ran with HANDSOME CHANNING TATUM but we did not win this was very unfortunate but probably for the better because now i can focus on being the worlds greatest author again.
What are your views on Donald Trump, what exactly is The Void, and how many timelines are you aware about?
Dom Tromp is a creature of The Void that is actually multiple creatures in the skin of a sagging human (it is easy to see thorgh once you know what to look for) inside he is actually mostly bubbling tar and screaming piles of void crabs that form a collective way. The Void is a place outside of the layers of the tingleverse full of cosmic horror best place to think about it is to imagine that the layers of the tingleverse are in a stack like ininate pancakes. there is a top and a bottom and between are all the layers and the timelines, but outside of the stack you have THE VOID.
If you had to choose between making love to a unicorn, bigfoot, a living object, or a dinosaur, which would you choose and why?
well i would probably not choose. it is important to my way that they choose making love to me not the other way around i would have to talk to them first and maybe share a glass of chocolate milk so that i knew our ways were good for eathother
Why do you think the message that “love is real” is so important?
love is real is important message because it is one reality that is true across ALL TIMELINES. it is very importanant to remember because sometimes devils can say there is another way and that the only reality is a scoundrel reality but this is not true. in the long term scoundrels always lose BECAUSE love is real, so it is a message of hope but also a message of truth. even if eveils try to argue with it it is still true. also important to keep in mind that we can ALL PROVE LOVE every day. love is real but you can also go out there and PROVE IT every day this is just being active and thinking i am going to go out in the world and make choices that prove love like maybe helping someone carry their bags or maybe donating money to my library these are small things but they all prove love.
Any new projects on the horizon?
there are always lots of new projects but nothing to really talk on yet just writing new tinglers and remembering to prove love.
Do you have any love interests? Is Ted Cobbler still giving you trouble?
love interest is sweet barbara but she is gone forever at the bottom of the frozen lake that is all id like to say about that. ted cobbler is more trouble then every he is a disgrace to the neighborhood.
If you want to know more about Chuck Tingle, and I highly suggest you do, check out: Website:

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